Rio Grand Classic Livestock Auction
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Cattle, Sheep & Goat Sale
 Tuesday at 1:00 pm

Upcoming Sales

May 14 @ 1:00 p.m. 
 June 4th & 18th 

Cattle Auction Fees & Charges
Goat Commission           $8/hd (flat rate) $4/hd in bunch after
​                                             first$8
Cattle Commission         3%
Feed                                    $0.47/100 lbs
Yardage                             $3/hd
Texas Beef Council         $2/hd
Inspection                         $0.85/hd
Preg Test                           $8/hd
Age Test                            $2/hd
Vet Ear Tag                     $2/hd (only on cows & bulls)
​Chute Charge                  $2/hd(cows & bulls)
Insurance                        $.20 per $100.00
If you need cattle hauled to sale barn, please contact us.

Please have cattle here before noon the day of the sale.
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Why Auction?
-Livestock auction markets protect you by acting as the agent to transfer ownership from the seller to the buyer. They assume the risk of non-payment for a small cost...Commission.

-You receive immediate payment backed by a bonded and regulated account.

-Your best interests will be met when your livestock are represented by the marketing professionals at Rio Grand Classic.
Upon Arrival, cattle always put on full, good feed & fresh water.
Paid in full. Paid on time. Fair competitive price. Still the most secure way to sell livestock.